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Emperor feet is seeking an incredible investment from private investors acquiring land proposing a large real estate development project (Emperor Court) includes a classical architecture style health boosting Spa&Club; an Adjacented Residential Development (Includes hundred unit of classical architecture style Townhouses; a private children day care&pre-school, a private boarding high school, and a private an intergrated Alternative Medicine Care facility with hundred patients bed provides long-term chronic care.)

More and more Canadians becoming older; they need a stronger&intergrated health care system taking care of them; they need a better health care facility much better than a long term care facility to staying to get alternative medicine treatment; they also need to staying with their family closely!

Once this proposed development plan has officially carried on, there will be a private shuttle van transferring client & residentials between downtown Vancouver, Vancouver International Airport and the development construction site at free no cost to people.

That's a how wonderful proposed development plan would making people's desire to be true!

Everything Emperor feet doing that want to provide more health care services, to help people living better, to create more than hundred jobs opportunity for British Columbia!

*If you are interested in this precious investment opportunity, to be elected as the Advisory Borard of Directors, please contact the Owner of Emperor feet at 604.441.7658, or sending email to EmperorfeetVIP@Gmail.com

*Since May 1, 2017, Emperor feet has elected 2 member of Advisory Borard of Directors; one is a lawyer practicing in British Columbia; another one is a real estate professional practicing in British Columbia. Emperor feet proposed development plan is a precious opportunity to everyone! Join Us!

*The following renderings picture is the future of Emperor feet.

24 hours accessible
Indoor Swimming Pool
Virtual Sports Training Room-Bike

Virtual Sports Training Room-Aerobic
24 hours accessible GYM
Virtual Sports Training Room-Boxing

Virtual Sports Training Room-
24 hours accessible Shower
24 hours accessible Sauna Bath
Foot Massage(Reflexology) Services
Body Massage Service
Hair Salon Service
Nail&Pedicure Service
Beauty&Makeup Service Facial&Skin Care Service
Facial&Skin Service Room
Alternative Medicine Doctors on site Consultation Service Doctors Consultation Room
Partner Hotels &Restaurant(Emperor feet Health Boosting Spa&Club member receives discount)
Proposed Adjacented Townhouse Residential Development
Proposed Private Children Day Care Facility; Nearby Public Elementary School is also available;

Proposed Private High School(Boarding-grade1-12); Nearby Public Middle&High School is also available;
Proposed Private an Intergrated
Alternative Medicine Care facility with hundred patients bed provides long-term chronic care;
Luxury Shuttle Bus transferring Client(includes the Adjacented Townhouse Residentials) between Downtown Vancouver, Vancouver International Airport and the development construction site at no cost to people.

Proposed Development Plan Construction Site Map