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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Appointment is Required? Yes.
     Accepts Walk-in? Yes, but sometimes, in a circumstances, you may be want to wait for a moment until therapist become available for you. 
All services at Emperor feet requires an Appointment includes Walk-in guests, and the Online Website Scheduling System booking & do everything yourself in Booking/Rescheduling/Cancellation is required! How? Simply hits the (Book Appointment) button located in every webpages. Afterwards booking, please must check your email box for a final written appointment confirmation letter. 
Simply hits the (Cancel Appointment) or (Reschedule) button located under the black EMPEROR logo in the Emperor feet Appointment notification/confirmation Email. Questions? please visit Top navigation bar other webpages to find your questions' answers.

2. No Time Slots? 
   Coupons Expired Soon?
Please be understood, Emperor feet will not be able to redeem your tickets when the ticket has been expired.
How to solve this problem? Simple!
please go to website 24hours online scheduling system to find a space yourself,
please text or email your Groupon tickets 7 or 8 digital barcode(1234-5678), or picture of coupons,  to have an early redemption at least one week early notice prior to appointment before the expiration date, so that you can get one month extension.

3. Couldn't access Emperor feet official website or the Online Scheduling System?
Emperor feet guarantees the website and the Online Scheduling System are 100% UPTIME! So please check your iPhone/Android phone/laptop data internet connection, or you may want to try others smartphone/laptop, or wait for a while.

4. Does "Acupressure" means "Deep Tissue Massage"?
No. Acupressure means "Acu" means Acupuncture needling points, "pressure"means massage, thus, "Acupressure" means therapist finger pressure massage your body needling points results in more healthy benefits. Hundreds acupuncture needling points most of them are located only 1"or 2" in skin and muscles doesn't require "Deep tissue"pressure to reach. "Acupressure" is a massage techniques only, and it's not a style of massage. The style of massage Emperor feet doing is the "Meridian" Massage is performed with "Acupressure" techniques which has 2000+ years clinic trial experience in ancient China. It is clinically proven safe&efficient. Meridian style massage not only gives people healthy benefits, but also gives people enjoyable experience. Everything Emperor Feet doing wants people experiences the "Ancient Emperor" treatment. To understand "Acupuncture needling points" and "Meridians", it requires 2.5 years Acupuncturist program training in British Columbia. It's difficult to explain in one word. Simply Google it if interesting.

4.1 Does the style "Meridian Massage" is as same as or derived from the other kind of Chinese medicine massage such as "Tui Na"?
 No, definitely NOT. It's originated from 2000 years ago the pre-Qing density. It also is Emperor feet BRAND service. It's difficult to explain in one word, please Google it if interesting.

4.1.1 What does "polishing feet" mean? Does Emperor feet guarantees the effects of polishing feet by means of herbal steam?
Yes, Emperor feet guarantees the effects of polishing feet by means of herbal steam. Polishing feet by herbal steam has (eliminates dead skin, crust, speckle, and wrinkles of feet, beauty nail, moists&shining skin, eliminates remove the foot fat, thin feet&beauty feet effects).

4.2 Privacy issue?
The Atmosphere of Emperor feet location is designed traditional Emperor Palace such as traditional lighting ceilings because the Meridian massage and Reflexology is originated from 2000 years ago pre- Qin density in ancient China. Everything Emperor feet does is that wants people to get Emperor treatment.
Privacy issues doesn't exist!
The Aberdeen Square shopping center building is only 2 years old, where doesn't have lots of people coming in shopping, who may see you or bother you, and it is extremely clean, quiet, plus hundreds free indoor parking, security guards protection, air conditioning, Skytrain station is directly connects the shopping center, where accurately is perfect for massage service. After you have walked into Emperor feet, you are  the VIP, Emperor feet takes only one person appointment at a time.
In British Columbia, a massage place isn't allowed to have its windows be totally covered, doors has to leave open unlocked.

5. Do you need to get a Doctor notice before you come to Emperor feet? 
1. People who want to use Extended Health Plan, Please must check your insurance company policy which offers Acupuncture coverage.
2. People who want to use MSP benefits please call the following phone number to verify if you are qualified for Acupuncture coverage. MSP telephone service: 604 669 6667.
3. People who want to use other kind of benefits such as WCB, ICBC, POLICE, MILITARY, please check with them if you have Acupuncture coverage.
4. People who are disability, serious injured, or serious illness, before you purchase Groupon tickets coming to EmperorFeet, please make sure you have your family doctor's letter says you can have Acupressure style of body massage, foot Reflexology, and Acupuncture needling treatment. Emperor feet must respect its business third party liability insurance policy refuse to provide service if your Doctors letter is absent.

6. Positive & Negative Feedback?
Emperor feet sets very lower price wants more people especially lower income people to get healthy benefits from massage, and therapist are working hard trying help people out, people suppose be nice to Emperor feet instead of leaving an negative feedback
f you really want to complaining something
 it's nice of you directly talk to Emperor feet
​ so​
 that Emperor feet may correct mistakes getting improvement quickly.