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By pressing (Book Appointment), you Consent to Treatment!

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1. Booking Policy:
How to booking?
2 or 3 people booking?

Book an appointment using SetMorea. Limited 1 person 1 voucher at A TIME SLOT.

b. Tel: 604-441-7658 or Email: EmperorfeetVIP
@Gmail.com is for inquiring only. In-person inquiring is required if you couldn't get response from any means. Emperor feet website online scheduling system booking yourself is required. Simply hits the (Book Appointment) button on the website( Emperorfeet.blogspot.com), then you are entering the scheduling system.

c. People who don't have the ability of doing text or email inquiring, or online booking, please come to Emperor feet location inquiring/booking in-person.
 Afterwards booking, please check your email box, to wait for an appointment final written confirmation letter.

d. The Maximum # person having massage in one 70minutes is one 
because Emperor Feet only has one experienced therapist to do Meridian Acupressure Massage &Reflexology. If you want to bring more than 2 people, please reserve space separately individually. For example, 2 person please take 2 time slots take 2 /70mins, 3 person take 3 time slots take 3 /70mins. If you couldn't see available time slots which means today is fully booked, please hit the navigate arrow to check other month date.

e. All services at EmperorFeet requires an Appointment, and the online website scheduling system booking & do everything yourself in Booking/Rescheduling/Cancellation is required! How? Simply hits the (Book Appointment) button located in every webpages. Afterwards booking, please must check your email box for a final written appointment confirmation letter. Simply hit the (Cancel Appointment) or (Reschedule) button located under the black EMPEROR logo in the Emperor feet Appointment notification/confirmation Email.
 Questions? please visit Top navigation bar other webpages to find your questions' answers.

2. TAX & TIPS &Payments Policy:

Accepts most popular bank card or cash payment,
Don't accept cheques,
All sales is subject to GST Tax.
All sales doesn't includes Tips.
All sales are FINAL, NO EXCHANGE or REFUND will be issued 70minutes afterwards Voucher redemption or services, includes online Groupon Emperor feet deal sales and Emperor Feet in-store sales.
Tip minimum 10% on the full amount of the original price($75) generously is recommended.

Effective in April14,2017, a PDF version Invoice&Receipt send by email is available for all sales at Emperor feet location(To ensure you get an appointment confirmation email and an receipt of your payments, please enter correct spelling of your email address when you are booking online).

3. Emperor feet Commitment:
Wants help people;
Offers lower fee services;
Boosting people overall health condition!

4. Emperor feet Therapist Professionalism:
Uniformed, Hygiene, Skilled, Passionate, Clients' Privacy confidentiality is the priority, English&Multi Country language speaking fluently.

5. Emperor feet Employees Dress Code:

Emperor feet rules all employees includes therapist must wear suits&leather shoes to the Highest Etiquette when receiving guests! Therapist must wearing suits&leather shoes when greeting guests. Therapist must wearing shirts &pants &leather shoes when serving guests.

6. Emperor feet Employment Policy:
1. Employees at Emperor feet are all passed Non criminal record check, medical doctor's health check includes physically& mentally.
2. Employees must provide safe&efficient&professional service; 
3. Employees must promote&Achieve&keep in compliance with the goals of Emperor feet(Boosting people overall health conditions);
4. Employees must promote&keep in compliance with Emperor feet therapist's professionalism(Uniformed, Hygiene, Skilled, Passionate, Clients' Privacy confidentiality is the priority);
5. Employees must keep in compliance with Emperor feet employees Dress Code;
6. Employees must keep in compliance with Emperor feet therapist's Code of conduct;

7.Clients Consent/Permission Policy:
By pressing the (Book Appointment) button, you consent that you give Therapist full permission to Acupressure meridians points from your head to toes(Therapist does respects your preference), and to perform other necessary massage techniques. This is not only to Empowering client, but also is to achieve the goal of boosting your overall health condition!

8. Clients Preference Policy: 
Emperor feet does respects your preference, and sometimes, in a circumstances or conditions, for achieving the goal of boosting your overall health condition, therapist may ask your permission to do some work which may be out of your preference.

9. Clients Confidential Policy:
Emperor feet sets Clients' privacy confidentiality and the goal of boosting your overall health are our priority.

10. Timing Policy: 
All kind of service is timered at Emperor feet. Sometimes, in a circumstances or conditions, for achieves the goal of boosting your overall healthy condition, therapist has due obligation to decide how many minutes working on your body for Meridian massage portion, and how many minutes working on your feet for Reflexology portion.

11. Being Later Policy:
       In the event therapist being later, when you have arrived your appointment in time, if you seen Emperor feet location door hasn't opened & therapist hasn't come yet, please go to the neighborhood(a small foodcourt) sit and wait. If therapist being later your appointment in 10 minutes, no worries, therapist is able to make up full session treatment for you. If therapist being later your appointment about 30 minutes, no worries, therapist will compensate you a FREE session 40 minutes treatment, and therapist will reschedule you a full session treatment.
       In the event clients being later, if you seems yourself must being later over 10 minutes, which means do everything may be too later to save your appointment. So please do not make phone call its accurately continually wasting your time because therapist may be busy working on clients unable to answer phone call, but you may text or email to let Emperor feet know, however, Emperor feet doesn't guarantee checks text or email message quickly replys you quickly because sometimes therapist is busy working on clients.
       Thus, in the event you get later over 10 minutes?
       Unfortunately, when you are walking into Emperor feet location, if you see therapist is working on other clients, please don't be surprised, because your appointment has been taken over by a client who is on the waiting list.
       Fortunately, when you are walking into Emperor feet location, if you see therapist is not working on someone else, which means you are lucky still can have your appointment, however, it's depends what the exactly time you arrived. So sometimes therapist may be able to offer you $20/30mins massage, and you will be suggested to keep your Groupon for a future full session appointment.

11. Cancellation & Reschedule & NO SHOWN Policy: 
At least a 24hours early notice is required.

11.1 Cancellation & Reschedule
Please simply hit the (Cancel Appointment) or (Reschedule) button located under the black EMPEROR logo inside Emperor feet Appointment notification Email.
Please text your booking Name, Email, Appointment to 604 441 7658 or go to your Email box and simply forwarding Emperor feet Appointment notification email with your request.
Please come to Emperor feet location to cancel your appointment in person. Because of the absence of receptionist, Emperor feet currently couldn't accept telephone calling cancellation &reschedule, please must do the above options 1&2 together at same time to ensure you get an Email or Text confirmation of your canceled/rescheduled appointment.

11.2 NO SHOWN!

       If you absent from your appointment without a 24hours early written notice such as Email or Text(604 441 7658) notice, for Groupon customer, your account will be charged back for NO SHOWN; for Non Groupon customer, you will be required to make a double payments when you are booking next appointment, or instead, Emperor feet may have a legal counsel to start a legal proceeding at the provincial small claim court against NO SHOWN appointment maker, who will be liable for all the cost of legal proceeding.
       This is not only to protect other Groupon or Non Groupon customers interest, but also this is to compensate Emperor feet business damage because your absent appointment time slot might had been asked by someone else.
       In addition, Emperor feet will no longer take your Online Appointment, and you will be required come to EmperorFeet location in person to set your new appointment if you still want to come.
       Received an Email notification from Emperor feet told your Groupon was failure in appointments verifying steps!
       Due to recently security changes of the website online scheduling system, Emperor feet had to add appointments verifying steps to secure the online appointment booking procedure so that any possible NO SHOWN appointment should be eliminated! This is to protect other Groupon customers or Non Groupon customers interest. This is also to minimize Emperor feet business damage. So in the event you receive this email notice, please reply with your Groupon coupons 8 or 7digital barcode or Groupon picture to confirm your appointment. If Emperor feet don't get your coupons number in next hours afterwards your booked appointment, all your scheduled appointment will be cancelled.
       How to figure out the Groupon barcode?Simple, please singe in to your Groupon.com website account opening the coupon look for the up left black scanning bar or call Groupon customer service line#1-888-350-9061
       However, if you don't have Groupon, please kindly let Emperor feet know what kind of payments will be, Emperor feet offers walking in clients same Groupon price, or you may use your company or your partner Extended Health Insurance benefits.