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Emperor feet therapist wearing suits&leather shoes to the Highest Etiquette when receiving guests! Therapist wearing shirts &pants &leather shoes when serving guests!

▶Instantly Boosting your overall health condition! Guaranteed!

▶Therapist uses precise Meridian Massage techniques fingers pressure massaging 14 Meridians&hundreds
Meridian points which are located on your head, neck, shoulder, arms, hands, back, waist, abdomen(optional),
Sciatic nerve&hips
(optional), thigh shin, leg shin, Achilles tendon, ankle unit, feet.

▶Purely nature herbal steam polishing feet has eliminates dead skin, crust, speckle, wrinkles of feet, beauty nails, moists&shining skin, eliminates feet fat, slim feet&beauty feet effects.

▶Therapist dredges&improves the meridians, Yin&Yang, excites energy Qi which detoxing full body, improves sleeping quality, eliminates fatigue, boosting body energy level, activate cells, strengthen physical function, ensured loss weight turning slim. Staying consistent excellent health! It's possible at Emperor feet Health Boosting Spa!

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Important Announcement:
1. Effective in April14,2017, a PDF version Invoice&Receipt send by email is available for all sales at Emperor feet location(To ensure you get an appointment confirmation email and an receipt of your payments, please enter correct spelling of your email address when you are booking online).

2. To thoroughly enhance people's experience of the Emperor feet brand service, Emperor feet has built a Virtual Beach inside business place. Please hit here to view Demo.

3. Emperor feet is not only providing lower fee services helping people, but also is creating job opportunity for British Columbia!
Emperor feet currently hiring!
(Immediately opening position, please hit here to view)

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