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EMPEROR FEET Commitment:
Wants help people;

will always set lower price;
wants massage be possible to everyone!

Emperor Feet Therapist Professionalism:
Uniformed, Skilled, Passionate, English&Multi-Country language speaking fluently.

Why come to Emperor Feet?
Because Emperor Feet guarantees the effects of Boosting your overall health condition! Emperor Feet guarantees that therapist uses fingers pressure to push the Meridians and to Acupressure Meridians points from your head to toes, totally covering your whole body& 14 Meridians; health effect is Super!Therapist uses precise Meridian Acupressure techniques to acupressure the following Meridian points which are located on your: head, neck, front shoulder, back shoulder, arms, hands, back, waist, abdomen(optional), Sciatic nerve &hips(optional), thigh shin, leg shin, Achilles tendon, ankle unit, feet, allowing you to enjoy a full body Meridian Massage&Acupressure&Reflexology treatment. Dredges the meridians, blood circulation of Qi, Yin and Yang, improve sleeping quality, eliminate fatigue, activate cells, strengthen physical function, freckles eliminated and beauty, ensured loss weight and turn slim, so that enjoys massage at the same time get the maximum health benefits!

EmperorFeet Location Address:
Unit3110- Address 4000 No.3 Rd, Richmond, BC Canada V6X0J8
Aberdeen Square Shopping Mall, third floor 3110 No.
Aberdeen Skytrain Station off the platform only 30 seconds walk into the Mall;
Large underground free indoor parking
Vancouver International Airport, 5minutes to sit Skytrain
Richmond River Rock Casino, 1minute to sit Skytrain
Downtown Vancouver 20 minutes to sit Skytrain

Location still?please ask ground level Security Desk help.
Emperor Feet Location pictures:
please click here to view

EmperorFeet Front Desk & E-mail:

604-441-7658 Because of the absence of receptionist, please Do Not call, please send text messages/email to communicate; Please do not use a landline telephone, or private number, or international telephone number to contact Emperor because Emperor Feet won't be able to send you text message for quickly understandable response;
Email: EmperorFeetAcupressure@gmail.com

Accepts most popular bank card or cash payment,
Don't accept cheques,
All sales is subject to GST Tax.
All sales doesn't includes Tips.
Tip minimum 10% on the full amount of the original price($69.99) generously is recommended.

EmperorFeet Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Statutory holidays  
Note: Emperor Feet operates 7 days a week, however operates 7 days doesn't mean takes appointments 7 days, the following hours listed here for appointments taken only.

Summer hours(9am- 9pm)
Winter hours(10am-9pm) 
Variable hours(Starts December,2016-2018) 

Now you may use your benefits for certain alternative medicine treatment at EmperorFeet.
 【MASSAGE+ACUPUNCTURE COMBOS】$59.99 Boost your overall health condition!-Extended Health Insurance Accepted!
Note, your insurance Acupuncture coverage use for Acupuncture needling ONLY, EmperorFeet promotion policy gives Acupuncture customer a FREE session 60minutes full body Acupressure massage afterwards or beforehand Acupuncture needling treatment, and EmperorFeet Acupuncturist do acupuncture needling ONLY. Should you not be confused with your insurance policy.
Don't be afraid to Acupuncture needles, EmperorFeet uses single use sterile acupuncture needles, and therapist will use as less as possible PAINLESS points to ensure you feel nothing during treatment. EmperorFeet do Acupuncture needling is for boost your overall health condition purpose ONLY! Everything EmperorFeet doing with insurance is trying help people to get more treatment session more sessions treatment more health improvement! 
please hit here to check available treatment and Insurance Coverage

EmperorFeet official website:
You can book an appointment/reserve a space directly on the website, fast, secure, without pre-payment, totally free, EmperorFeet is always done your treatment first pay after the policy.

Booking Policy:
More than 2 people booking?
Online website scheduling system booking&do everything yourself is required! You may come to Emperor feet location booing in person, or do cellphone text message booking, or do Email booking. When you have done booking, you must check your email box, or text message, to wait for an appointment final written confirmation. Currently the Maximum # person having massage in one 70minutes is one because Emperor Feet only has one experienced therapist to do Meridian Acupressure Massage &Reflexology. If you want to bring more than 2 people, please reserve space separately individually. For example, 2 person please take 2 time slots. 3 person take 3 time slots. If you couldn't see available time slots which means today is fully booked, please hit the navigate arrow to check other month date. 

If website scheduling system shows no time slots, you may have an receptionist assisted booking, please do not make telephone call, please must text or Email your Availability date, time slot, Name, Email address, Groupon 8digital barcode if you have one to 604-441-7658 Email: EmperorFeetAcupressure@gmail.com)

No Time Slots? 
Coupons Expired Soon?
Please be understood, Emperor Feet will not be able to redeem your tickets when the ticket has been expired.
How to solve this problem? Simple!
Please hit here to view a hourly updated available time slots Calendar(live!!)
please Text or Email your Groupon tickets 7 or 8 digital barcode(1234-5678) to EMPEROR to have an early redemption at least one week early notice prior to appointment before the expiration date, then you can choose other hundred days of 2016.

Privacy issue?
The Atmosphere of Emperor feet location is designed traditional Emperor Palace such as traditional lighting ceilings because the Meridian massage and Reflexology is originated from 2000 years ago pre- Qin density in ancient China. Everything Emperor feet does is that wants people to get Emperor treatment.

Privacy issues doesn't exist!
The Aberdeen Square shopping center building is only 2 years old, where doesn't have lots of people coming in shopping, who may see you or bother you, and it is extremely clean, quiet, plus hundreds free indoor parking, security guards protection, air conditioning, Skytrain station is directly connects the shopping center, where accurately is perfect for massage service. After you have walked into Emperor feet, you are the VIP, Emperor feet takes only one person appointment at a time.

In British Columbia, a massage place isn't allowed to have its windows be totally covered, doors has to leave open unlocked.

Being Later Policy:
If you seems yourself must being later, which means do everything may be too later. So please do not make phone call its accurately continually wasting your time, you may text or email to let Emperor feet know you will be later, however, Emperor feet doesn't guarantee checks text or email message quickly replys you quickly because sometimes therapist is busy in working on clients.
Thus, in the event you get later, ,,
Unfortunately, when you are walking into Emperor feet location, if you see therapist is working on other clients, please don't be surprised, because your appointment has been taken over by a client who is on the waiting list.
Fortunately, when you are walking into Emperor feet location, if you see therapist is not working on someone else, which means you are lucky still can have your appointment, however, it's depends wwhat the exactly time you arrived, sometimes therapist may only able to offer you half hour $20 or 15minutes massage, and you will be suggested to keep your Groupon for a future appointment .

Cancellation & Reschedule & NO SHOWN Policy: 
At least an 24hours early written notice(email or cellphone text) is required.
please simply hit the (Cancel Appointment) or (Reschedule) button located under the black EMPEROR logo inside EmperorFeet Appointment notification Email.
please Text your booking Name, Email, Appointment to 604 441 7658
please come to EmperorFeet location to cancel your appointment in person.
Because of the absence of receptionist, EmperorFeet currently couldn't accept telephone calling cancellation &reschedule, please must do the above options 1&2 together at same time to ensure you get an Email or Text confirmation of your canceled appointment.
If you absent from your appointment without a 24hours early written notice such as Email or Text notice, for Groupon customer, your account will be charged back for NO SHOWN; for Non Groupon customer, you will be required to make a double payments when you are booking next appointment, or instead, EmperorFeet may have a legal counsel to start a legal proceeding at the provincial small claim court against NO SHOWN appointment maker, who will be liable for all the cost of legal proceeding. This is not only to protect other Groupon or Non Groupon customers interest, but also this is to compensate EmperorFeet business damage because your absent appointment time slot might had been asked by someone else.
EmperorFeet will no longer take your Online Appointment if you absent from appointment two times with NO Email, Text notice 24hours early prior to appointment, and you will be required come to EmperorFeet location in person to set your new appointment.
Atten4: :
Received an Email notification from EmperorFeet told your Groupon was failure in appointments verifying steps!

Due to recently security changes of the website online scheduling system, Emperor Feet had to add appointments verifying steps to secure the online appointment booking procedure so that any possible NO SHOWN appointment should be eliminated! This is to protect other Groupon customers or Non Groupon customers interest. This is also to minimize EmperorFeet business damage. Please reply with your Groupon coupons 8 or 7digital barcode to confirm if you will attend your appointment on time, If EmperorFeet don't get your coupons number in 8 hours afterwards your booked appointment, all your scheduled appointment will be cancelled.

How to figure out the Groupon barcode?Simple, please singe in to your Groupon.com website account or call Groupon customer service line#1-888-350-9061

However, if you don't have Groupon, please kindly let EmperorFeet know what kind of payments will be, Emperor Feet offers walking in clients same Groupon price, or you may use your company or your partner Extended Health Insurance benefits(Emperor Feet is registered/licensed in BC). 

Before purchase Groupon tickets, please make sure you have read over following information:
1. People who want to use Extended Health Plan, Please must check your insurance company policy which offers Acupuncture coverage.
2. People who want to use MSP benefits please call the following phone number to verify if you are qualified for Acupuncture coverage. MSP telephone service: 604 669 6667.
3. People who want to use other kind of benefits such as WCB, ICBC, POLICE, MILITARY, please check with them if you have Acupuncture coverage.
4. People who are disability, serious injured, or serious illness, before you purchase Groupon tickets coming to EmperorFeet, please make sure you have your family doctor's letter says you can have Acupressure body massage, foot Reflexology, and Acupuncture needling treatment at same time. EmperorFeet must respect its business third party liability insurance policy refuse to provide service if your Doctors letter is absent.

Positive & Negative Feedback?
EmperorFeet sets very lower price wants more people especially lower income people to get healthy benefits from massage, and therapist are working hard trying help people out, people suppose be nice to EmperorFeet instead of leaving an negative feedback, if you really want to complaining something it's nice of you directly talk to Emperor feet that EmperorFeet may correct mistakes getting improvement quickly. The fees $25 people paid to Groupon accurately EmperorFeet only get 60% $15 back, Groupon charges 40% as commission, EmperorFeet is not complaining Groupon, Groupon accurately doing good job of introducing EmperorFeet to people so that more and more people could get benefits from massage. EmperorFeet wish people read into this message could be understand.


EmperorFeet is creating jobs for students & graduates who in school of RMT or school of TCM with no sufficient clinical experience!
EmperorFeet currently is hiring the following position to fit people's increasingly needs.:
1. Registered Massage Therapist(RMT)
Qualifications: must be registered in British Columbia. Emperor Feet provides RMT service for promotes people's overall health only. So new graduates who lack of clinical experience are welcome to apply.
Treatment: paid hourly $80+ plusTips($10-$100)

2. Registered Acupuncturist(RA)
Qualifications: must be registered at CTCMA. Emperor Feet provides acupuncture service for promotes people's overall health only. So new graduates who lack of clinical experience are welcome to apply.
Treatment: paid hourly $20+

3. Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners &Doctors(RTCMP, Dr.TCM)

Qualifications: must be registered at CTCMA. Emperor Feet provides Doctors service for promotes people's overall health only. So new graduates who lack of clinical experience are welcome to apply.
Treatment: paid hourly $40+

How to apply? please write your resume directly into Email text(do not send attachments) please send to EmperorFeetAcupressure@gmail.com , or you may come to Emperor Feet location in person.

Best Wish!



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