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Emperor feet Commit-
Wants help people;

will always set lower price;
wants massage be possible to everyone!

Emperor feet Therapist Profes-
Uniformed, Hygiene, Skilled, Passionate, Clients Privacy confidentiality is the priority, English&
Multi Country language speaking fluently.

Why come to Emperor feet(Health Spa)?
Because Emperor feet guarantees the effects of Boosting your overall health condition! Emperor feet guarantees that therapist uses fingers pressure to massage the Meridians and to acupressure Meridians points from your head to toes, totally covering your whole body& 14 Meridians; health effect is Super!Therapist uses precise Meridian Acupressure techniques to acupressure the following Meridian points which are located on your: head, neck, front shoulder, back shoulder, arms, hands, back, waist, abdomen(optional), Sciatic nerve &hips(optional), thigh shin, leg shin, Achilles tendon, ankle unit, feet, allowing you to enjoyA Full body Meridian Massage+Reflexology+Herbal Steaming treatment, in which Dredges the meridians, blood circulation of Qi, Yin and Yang, improve sleeping quality, eliminate fatigue, boosting body energy level, activate cells, detoxing, strengthen physical function, freckles eliminated and beauty, ensured loss weight and turn slim, so that enjoys massage at the same time get the maximum health benefits!

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Important Announcement:
1. Effectived in March18, 2017, to meet people different preference, multiple services have been available@Emperor feet, includes 40minutes foot Reflexology single session, 40minutes full body Meridian massage single session, 70mins Massage Combos single session, please check [Promotion]webpage for Today's special offer.

2. Effectived in March18, 2017, amended on service (A 70mins Massage Combos), the Herbal Steaming potion has been reduced to 5minutes, the body Meridian massage potion has been reduced to 35minutes, and the foot Reflexology potion has been increased to 30minutes.

3. Effectived in March18, 2017, 【A Limited maximum 4 Sessions a month Totally 12 sessions Annual Pass】Trial Version Available!- can be shared, expiration date can be extended upon request! Each single session only cost $25/70mins, includes full body Meridian massage+Reflexology+Herbal Steaming. It's good for many of you likes Emperor feet, be regular client, to be never worry about price goes up, and to staying consistent excellent health. It's possible at Emperor feet(Health Spa)!

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